5 Steps to Planning the Best Stampede Party in 2019

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Stampede party catering is a serious business if you intend hosting a stampede party. It’s almost July, that time of the year when “the greatest show on Earth” is going to take place; this is an opportunity for you to host family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and employees. Calgary Stampede is filled with fun and a series of events to enjoy with your family and friends.This eventful festival is exactly what your employees need to take a break from stress and build their morale, the get-together will also help build team spirit.


The tradition is a 100 years old festival; the Calgary Stampede is a combination of rodeo exhibition and festival, held annually in July across Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Calgary Stampede prides itself as the greatest show on Earth, boasting of over 1 million in attendance.

The event can be traced as far back as 133 years when a fair was hosted by the Calgary and District Agricultural Society. Years later, around 1912, Guy Weadick organized a rodeo and festival known as the Stampede. Seven years later,  Weadick hosted another festival “Victory Stampede” to honor soldiers who survived World War I. Eventually Weadick’s festival was merged with Calgary Industrial Exhibition to form the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, from 1923, it became an annual festival.

How To Plan an Awesome Stampede Party

1. You will be hosting people, so it is important you know your guests in advance. The first thing to do is create a guest list; then send invites to everybody on the list.

2. Next is to ensure you and your guests have tickets to the events you’ll be attending.

3. Every party has a theme, your Stampede party shouldn’t be an exception, you need a theme, and you need to stick to it all through your planning. Having a theme will avoid confusion since the theme guides every aspect of planning; the food, music, and other entertainment.

4. You need a venue, since its an outdoor event, there are many options to choose from. You can hire a tent, or come along with picnic mats.

5. Planning the menu for a Stampede party is stressful, there’s no reason to go through this stress when you can hire a caterer, and they will take the load off from your shoulder.  

Alpinecatering offers a package that helps you with everything needed for the stampede party catering; from getting the food ready to setting up the venue. We work hand-in-hand with you to create a perfect menu putting your theme into consideration.

Some of the services Alpinecatering  offers include:

  • Delivery service
  • Provision of all service ware
  • Provision of all tableware
  • BBQ installation
  • Wait staff
  • Clear the venue after the event.


Calgary Stampede is a celebration, and you deserve to have fun without stressing about planning the stampede party catering. Let Alpinecatering reduce the burden and give you a party to remember. Thanks to our decades of experience, we can give you an eventful party and a week of fun.

Alpinecatering will handle the entire stampede party catering by supplying breakfast, lunch, dinner, tents, tables, chairs, griddles, and many more. Call us today to get started.



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