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Class of 2019 Graduation Party Ideas

POSTED ON June 5th  - POSTED IN Blog

Graduation party catering is the first thing that comes to mind as high school comes to a close. High school graduation is more than a ceremonial walk on stage, it’s a once in a lifetime event that ought to be celebrated, as a parent who wants to give his child a memorable graduation ceremony, this article will help you with useful ideas for an amazing high school graduation party.

First Step: Asking Around

It’s your child’s celebration, so his opinion matters a lot. Ask your child how he wants to celebrate the event. Do they want a small gathering? Or do they want a big party? Who do they want in attendance, perhaps close families and friends, or they want to include neighbors, classmates, and the entire extended family? Don’t forget about the graduation party catering, the celebrant opinion is also needed on what should be served.

Second Step: invitation and Announcement

The invitation is to get the ball rolling; they are lots of ways to invite guests; it could be via social media or invitation cards.

Step Three: Organizing

For a large party:

This step depends on your flexibility, budget, and size of guest.

An outdoor venue is an excellent choice for a large audience. Options range from your backyard to rented spaces and parks. Hiring professionals to handle the graduation party catering will make things easy, Alpine Catering is a good example.

To further reduce the stress, you can make it a joint party shared with a few other graduates.

If graduation is in May, it will be great to hold the party over Memorial Day weekend. If it is close to father’s day celebration, you can combine the graduation party with father’s day celebration.

Another option is to split the party into two, the first should come as a low key gathering on the graduation weekend, while the second will be a going away party later in the summer, it would be more eventful and colorful that way.

An open house party is also a great idea; it should be like a regular cake, snacks, and drinks party on the graduation weekend.

For a small party:

If your child prefers a small gathering, then only a home cooked meals featuring their favorite delicacy would do, you could invite some members of the extended family. And you could take them out for a private dinner.

Finally, you could leave the entire celebration for later in the summer, then organize a small trip to celebrate the graduation.

The Event

You can hire a professional catering service, it might seem like extravagant spending, but it is worth it. Professional planners would be a lifesaver if you have a large guest. With the help of professionals, you will not have to worry about preparation, cooking, and cleanup.

Once the graduation party catering have been taken care of, a server will help get everything set and clean up after the party is over.

Graduation party catering is stressful, don’t get stressed out, call us and let us help you make the planning part easier.

2019 Guide To Season End Team Parties

POSTED ON June 5th  - POSTED IN Blog

Season wrap-up party catering is tricky as it involves guest of many generations, (both kids and parents). This party is usually hosted at the end of the season and is set aside to celebrate your athletes, their hard work and achievements throughout the season. Planning this party is stressful, complicated, and consumes time. This article contains tips that will help ease the stress.

Involve other activities

Your party should involve other activities that encourage teamwork. You can choose activities like; dress up the relay, parents vs. Kids, Yankee gift swap, design your escape, fantastic fan contest, beach ball, volleyball, hula hoop soccer, obstacles course challenge races, sports-themed scavenger hunt, sports trivia, pin the football on the goal, wacky knockout. These fun games aim at boosting your athlete’s skills outside the field or court and to help them blow off steam.


Every event or party needs a perfect location. Using parents house or restaurants could get boring. Think outside the box and make this Season wrap-up party an eventful one.

Outdoor locations are great; you could host a cookout since you’ll be hosting children who love to run around. Trampoline park is another cool location, they offer party rooms that you could rent.

You could use a parking lot or the field where your team practice. From any of the outdoor options, you can set up tables for food and still have enough space for outdoor games. If you feel an indoor event is a better option, then go for community centers, gymnasiums, YMCA, training centers or large bowling alleys.


Season wrap-up party catering is better handled by professionals because you will be hosting many guests; parents, and siblings would be tagged along. So there has to be enough food for everybody.

You can start by taking note of the children’s favorite food. It would be cool if the food match with the teams color, the team’s color can be used as a guide, colored dips and colorful veggie will be useful. Ice cream bars and other desserts should also be on the menu. A celebratory cake would also add color to the event.

The Coach

The coach certainly played a vital role in making the season successful, his efforts should also be acknowledged, gifting him either a Coaching wisdom book,  customized T-shirts, video camera, certificate, an award or a customized Jersey is a good idea.


You can seize this opportunity to reward hard-working athletes and the coach. Your sponsors shouldn’t be left out.

Parents and volunteers should also be acknowledged; you can verbally appreciate their efforts and support for their kids (helping then get to practice and for providing financial support).


You don’t have to go through the stress of planning a Season wrap-up party catering, Alpine Catering is a professional company that will help, visit for more information.

June 2019 Wedding Catering Trends

POSTED ON June 5th  - POSTED IN Blog

Wedding catering is the part of planning a wedding that keeps us on our toes, are you finding it challenging to decide your wedding’s menu? You have nothing to worry about; this article will help with useful tips on delicious 2019 food trends. It will cover a wide range of options, from fermented foods to grains bowls and food trucks.

Fermented Foods

Fermented foods have wide options for you to choose from, consider including a few fermented foods to spice up your wedding menu.  I will suggest you try out sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, and tempeh. Yogurts and kombucha cocktails are other great options.

Balanced Menu

Wedding catering should include every guest, so when serving meals at your wedding, when planning your wedding catering you have to make efforts to please everyone, the vegetarians inclusive. Tofu and tempeh are great, but you can also step up by adding lentus, chickpeas, and quinoa. With these in your menu your omnivore guest won’t feel the absence of meat, so it is a win-win for everybody. With a great meal everyone would be fit for the dancing and drinking that follows.

Cute Minis

During cocktail hours, you can surprise your guests with an itty bitty slider instead of the traditional canapés. Since it’s your day, your opinion also matters, a few of your favorite mains should be added to the menu. If you love ramen, a soup shot will be nice. If you love tacos, your caterer could add tiny sized tacos into your menu, mini burgers and pizza are not left out. Any of your favorites could be made miniature.

Creating fun

Another food trend you should try out for your wedding is to create a little fun during dinner. You can start by having your caterer on site, or add a sushi or noodles station so your guests can have fun selecting ingredients for their meals. DIY can be fun, and will make your dinner more lively – your guests will have freedom to pick something they love.

Grain Bowls

If you’ve visited Chipotle, you can testify how awesome grain bowl taste; gradually, it has become popular in 2019 wedding catering menu. Grains and salad bowls are a great substitution for the traditional mains. You can spice up your wedding by making it DIY, varieties like veggies, meats, grains, and sauces could be arraigned on the table. Your guest will have fun making their choice.

Food Trucks

A food truck is not an entirely new trend, but it still feels new as couples still love food trucks in 2019. If you choose fast food style as the main course, you can always turn to trucks. There’s always a  food truck that suits every meal on your menu, so however your menu looks like, there’s a food truck for it.

Late Night Snacks

Most weddings provide late night snacks for their guest, what do you plan on serving? Serving pizza and burgers will be boring, why don’t you take things to the next level, give them whatever they would have ordered on a regular night out, from dinner classics to Korean street food and Chinese takeout.

You want a menu that is exciting? We can help 🙂

5 Steps to Planning the Best Stampede Party in 2019

POSTED ON June 5th  - POSTED IN Blog

Stampede party catering is a serious business if you intend hosting a stampede party. It’s almost July, that time of the year when “the greatest show on Earth” is going to take place; this is an opportunity for you to host family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and employees. Calgary Stampede is filled with fun and a series of events to enjoy with your family and friends.This eventful festival is exactly what your employees need to take a break from stress and build their morale, the get-together will also help build team spirit.


The tradition is a 100 years old festival; the Calgary Stampede is a combination of rodeo exhibition and festival, held annually in July across Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Calgary Stampede prides itself as the greatest show on Earth, boasting of over 1 million in attendance.

The event can be traced as far back as 133 years when a fair was hosted by the Calgary and District Agricultural Society. Years later, around 1912, Guy Weadick organized a rodeo and festival known as the Stampede. Seven years later,  Weadick hosted another festival “Victory Stampede” to honor soldiers who survived World War I. Eventually Weadick’s festival was merged with Calgary Industrial Exhibition to form the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, from 1923, it became an annual festival.

How To Plan an Awesome Stampede Party

1. You will be hosting people, so it is important you know your guests in advance. The first thing to do is create a guest list; then send invites to everybody on the list.

2. Next is to ensure you and your guests have tickets to the events you’ll be attending.

3. Every party has a theme, your Stampede party shouldn’t be an exception, you need a theme, and you need to stick to it all through your planning. Having a theme will avoid confusion since the theme guides every aspect of planning; the food, music, and other entertainment.

4. You need a venue, since its an outdoor event, there are many options to choose from. You can hire a tent, or come along with picnic mats.

5. Planning the menu for a Stampede party is stressful, there’s no reason to go through this stress when you can hire a caterer, and they will take the load off from your shoulder.  

Alpinecatering offers a package that helps you with everything needed for the stampede party catering; from getting the food ready to setting up the venue. We work hand-in-hand with you to create a perfect menu putting your theme into consideration.

Some of the services Alpinecatering  offers include:

  • Delivery service
  • Provision of all service ware
  • Provision of all tableware
  • BBQ installation
  • Wait staff
  • Clear the venue after the event.


Calgary Stampede is a celebration, and you deserve to have fun without stressing about planning the stampede party catering. Let Alpinecatering reduce the burden and give you a party to remember. Thanks to our decades of experience, we can give you an eventful party and a week of fun.

Alpinecatering will handle the entire stampede party catering by supplying breakfast, lunch, dinner, tents, tables, chairs, griddles, and many more. Call us today to get started.

How to throw a bang-up stampede party

POSTED ON June 22nd  - POSTED IN Blog

Planning a stampede party? Then you best pony up and make sure it’s a jamboree your clients, staff and other guests will enjoy. More and more businesses are tapping into the stampede spirit to give employees a well-deserved break or impress important clients. Here are the five elements that will ensure your shindig is festive, fun and entirely on theme.

Barbecue catering: a growing trend

POSTED ON January 5th  - POSTED IN Blog

Barbecue may well be Calgary’s most loved culinary tradition. There’s something about smoke flavoured meat cooked on a grill that gets lips smacking and people coming back for more. But did you know that barbecue catering is the next big thing in event planning? It’s true. Corporate events, weddings, and our city’s infamous Calgary Stampede parties are all being invigorated by barbecue catering. Any occasion that warrants professional food service can easily become infused with cooked-on-the-spot grilled delights. Consider this catering trend for your next Calgary event.

5 Venues for weddings in Calgary

POSTED ON January 5th  - POSTED IN Blog

Getting married? Looking for a place to host your wedding reception? Event planning isn’t always easy but things start to fall into place once you choose a venue. Luckily, Calgary has plenty of stunning sites where you can celebrate your nuptials with friends and family. Here are five amazing locations perfect for your upcoming reception.

Michelle & Cory Pierce

POSTED ON September 13th  - POSTED IN Testimonials

To Rick &  Alpine Catering,

Thank you so much for doing such an AMAZING job catering our wedding The food was AMAZING!

Best Wishes!

Michelle & Cory Pierce

Daniel and Maggie Pada

POSTED ON September 13th  - POSTED IN Testimonials

Dear Alpine Catering Crew,

Thank you so much for the fantastic job you did at our wedding in June. We needed catering somewhat last minute and you provided everything we needed at a great price. Thank you for making the catering stress-free and enjoyable.


Daniel and Maggie Pada

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