Barbecue catering: a growing trend

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Barbecue may well be Calgary’s most loved culinary tradition. There’s something about smoke flavoured meat cooked on a grill that gets lips smacking and people coming back for more. But did you know that barbecue catering is the next big thing in event planning? It’s true. Corporate events, weddings, and our city’s infamous Calgary Stampede parties are all being invigorated by barbecue catering. Any occasion that warrants professional food service can easily become infused with cooked-on-the-spot grilled delights. Consider this catering trend for your next Calgary event.

BBQ Catering in Calgary Alberta

Elegant and refined vs. fun and festive

Just like you can enjoy a rib-eye steak dinner at both a classy five star restaurant and a casual eatery, so too can barbecue be served at both formal and laid-back events. Consider that barbecue is a style of cooking and as such can either be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. What tone your own event strikes will depend much on the frills. The dress code, the decorations, the glassware and other elements of your catered occasion will determine whether it’s a polished and poised or jovial and jolly affair.

Appropriate for every affair

At Alpine Catering, our clientele has enjoyed barbecue catering for numerous types of events. We’ve provided this type of service for the following:

  • Small and large weddings
  • Anniversary parties
  • Family reunions
  • Birthday parties
  • Corporate events
  • Calgary Stampede celebrations
  • Retirement parties

In addition, it’s worth noting that barbecue catering is not reserved solely to outdoor summer events—even here in Calgary! While grilled eats do lend themselves well to alfresco dining, some of our most memorable barbecued affairs have occurred indoors on frosty winter evenings. Simply ask us if your indoor location is appropriate for this style of catering and we’ll let you know if we can make it work.

Barbecue menus

At Alpine Catering, your barbecue menu always includes an array of sides in addition to the selected main. Entrée choices are relegated to your choice of beef—select size and cut—or half chicken. We’re also happy to provide you additional catering services and amenities such as linens, china, glassware, bartender and dessert choices.

A catering company for every occasion

Event planning can be a time consuming and strenuous undertaking. Why not leave the menu up to us? Our professional team is adept at transforming even simple occasions into memorable events. But don’t take our word for it; read the reviews on our website or ask us for references. You’ll soon find among caterers in Calgary, we come highly recommended. Contact us for a free quote or with any questions about our services.



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