Cool Wedding Ideas 2019

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With the wedding season officially on the way, we’re taking a look at some of the best wedding ideas from real-life couples! While you could easily spend hours upon hours scrolling through Pinterest in search of inspiring ideas, this post makes it easy. We’ve compiled a list of our favorites that you won’t be able to pass up.

Below you’ll find 6 of the best trends for your 2019/2020 wedding. You’ll discover ideas that will take your wedding from a ‘good wedding’ to the ‘wedding of the year’ and allow you to create your dream wedding!

1. ‘The Last Dance’

Ignoring the traditional ‘first dance,’ you and your partner can have the ‘last dance!’ As the reception winds down and the guests have started to leave, have one last boogie on the dancefloor with your beloved, just the two of you. Bonus – this gives people a chance to get in place if you’re planning a stellar exit!

2. Pet Inclusion

Pets are all the rage at the moment, and your wedding day doesn’t have to be any different. Include your furry best friend in every detail. Maybe you buy them a tuxedo collar, or perhaps a dress to match your own. The options are endless!

3. Wallpaper Backdrop

A popular trend popping up all over the place this season is using wallpaper as an accent in your wedding. We all know how wallpaper can transform a home, but have you ever thought it could change your wedding!? Statement walls are being placed behind the head table and even used as the ceremony altar itself!

4. Dyed Floral Arrangements

Wedding trends are shifting to the use of color to brighten the special day. According to this seasons wedding trends, floral arrangements are all about playing with different textures, colors, and making unusual pairings. Mandy Moore has inspired many with her blush floral arrangements, adding another level of romanticism to her wedding day.

5. Custom Wedding Jacket

We love to see men having more fun with their fashion choices! Choose a different color. Move away from the traditional black or grey 3-piece suit. Switch it up! Take a tailored suit and customize it with an inscription. Or as we have seen, sew photos of the betrothed into the lining of the jacket, making for a hidden surprise and a good talking point! Have fun with fashion, guys!

Cool Wedding Ideas 2019 1

6. Touch-Up Stations

Last but certainly not least, this will quickly become a favorite on this list. I’m sure many ladies can agree that can be a nightmare going to the bathroom during a wedding to fix your hair and makeup. Well not anymore with this brilliant idea. Hire a couple of pros’ and set up touch-up stations around the room. We’re talking a quick lipstick fix, a curl here and there, a bit of blotting paper. This idea will undoubtedly impress your photo ready guests!



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