Class of 2019 Graduation Party Ideas

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Graduation party catering is the first thing that comes to mind as high school comes to a close. High school graduation is more than a ceremonial walk on stage, it’s a once in a lifetime event that ought to be celebrated, as a parent who wants to give his child a memorable graduation ceremony, this article will help you with useful ideas for an amazing high school graduation party.

First Step: Asking Around

It’s your child’s celebration, so his opinion matters a lot. Ask your child how he wants to celebrate the event. Do they want a small gathering? Or do they want a big party? Who do they want in attendance, perhaps close families and friends, or they want to include neighbors, classmates, and the entire extended family? Don’t forget about the graduation party catering, the celebrant opinion is also needed on what should be served.

Second Step: invitation and Announcement

The invitation is to get the ball rolling; they are lots of ways to invite guests; it could be via social media or invitation cards.

Step Three: Organizing

For a large party:

This step depends on your flexibility, budget, and size of guest.

An outdoor venue is an excellent choice for a large audience. Options range from your backyard to rented spaces and parks. Hiring professionals to handle the graduation party catering will make things easy, Alpine Catering is a good example.

To further reduce the stress, you can make it a joint party shared with a few other graduates.

If graduation is in May, it will be great to hold the party over Memorial Day weekend. If it is close to father’s day celebration, you can combine the graduation party with father’s day celebration.

Another option is to split the party into two, the first should come as a low key gathering on the graduation weekend, while the second will be a going away party later in the summer, it would be more eventful and colorful that way.

An open house party is also a great idea; it should be like a regular cake, snacks, and drinks party on the graduation weekend.

For a small party:

If your child prefers a small gathering, then only a home cooked meals featuring their favorite delicacy would do, you could invite some members of the extended family. And you could take them out for a private dinner.

Finally, you could leave the entire celebration for later in the summer, then organize a small trip to celebrate the graduation.

The Event

You can hire a professional catering service, it might seem like extravagant spending, but it is worth it. Professional planners would be a lifesaver if you have a large guest. With the help of professionals, you will not have to worry about preparation, cooking, and cleanup.

Once the graduation party catering have been taken care of, a server will help get everything set and clean up after the party is over.

Graduation party catering is stressful, don’t get stressed out, call us and let us help you make the planning part easier.



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