8 steps to plan a Corporate Event

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The perfect event catered by professional corporate caterers in Calgary can be your organization’s high point of the year! There’s nothing quite like an impeccably organized function to bring co-workers together for great food and good times they’ll never forget.

Corporate Event Planning in Calgary

Let’s take a look at the basic things you’ll need to address when organizing the perfect corporate event:

  • Preliminaries and support. Brainstorm with friends and colleagues to come up with a preliminary to-do list. Keep it flexible and always on hand! At first you will be adding items faster than you check them off, but you will get to the end of it, you’ll see. Make sure your helpers know which items are their responsibilities, and make sure they do them! Designate one or more event runners to take care of the small things on the big day and designate your set-up and tear-down teams.
  • A strong theme is the key! There’s nothing quite like finding the perfect theme for an event to set it apart from any other function. A great theme will set the tone for your guests and be of tremendous help in narrowing and facilitating your planning.
  • Budget. The budget may very well be fixed, so do your best with it! Part of the fun in organizing an event like this is squeezing the very most out of a limited budget.
  • Locations and vendors. With your rough budget in hand and your theme selected, you are now ready to scout out the venues and services you will require. Start making phone calls. What services are offered by the venues you are considering (like bar and food service, security, when the room is accessible, available decorations, music, AV equipment, furniture, staff)? Determine what fits in your budget and what you can do yourself.
  • Food and service. If there’s one thing that will make or break your event, it will be the food! Will it be a sit-down meal or a buffet? Hot or cold? Do any of your guests have particular food requirements like kosher, vegetarian, vegan? Allergies? Focus on organizing and leave the corporate catering in Calgary to the pros. It’s what caterers in Calgary do best!
  • Invitations. Get invitations out there with snail mail, email and social media at least two weeks ahead of the event, with a follow-up a week or ten days later.
  • Decorate! The more the merrier!
  • Bask in the glow of success and share the glory with all those who helped!

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