June 2019 Wedding Catering Trends

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Wedding catering is the part of planning a wedding that keeps us on our toes, are you finding it challenging to decide your wedding’s menu? You have nothing to worry about; this article will help with useful tips on delicious 2019 food trends. It will cover a wide range of options, from fermented foods to grains bowls and food trucks.

Fermented Foods

Fermented foods have wide options for you to choose from, consider including a few fermented foods to spice up your wedding menu.  I will suggest you try out sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, and tempeh. Yogurts and kombucha cocktails are other great options.

Balanced Menu

Wedding catering should include every guest, so when serving meals at your wedding, when planning your wedding catering you have to make efforts to please everyone, the vegetarians inclusive. Tofu and tempeh are great, but you can also step up by adding lentus, chickpeas, and quinoa. With these in your menu your omnivore guest won’t feel the absence of meat, so it is a win-win for everybody. With a great meal everyone would be fit for the dancing and drinking that follows.

Cute Minis

During cocktail hours, you can surprise your guests with an itty bitty slider instead of the traditional canapés. Since it’s your day, your opinion also matters, a few of your favorite mains should be added to the menu. If you love ramen, a soup shot will be nice. If you love tacos, your caterer could add tiny sized tacos into your menu, mini burgers and pizza are not left out. Any of your favorites could be made miniature.

Creating fun

Another food trend you should try out for your wedding is to create a little fun during dinner. You can start by having your caterer on site, or add a sushi or noodles station so your guests can have fun selecting ingredients for their meals. DIY can be fun, and will make your dinner more lively – your guests will have freedom to pick something they love.

Grain Bowls

If you’ve visited Chipotle, you can testify how awesome grain bowl taste; gradually, it has become popular in 2019 wedding catering menu. Grains and salad bowls are a great substitution for the traditional mains. You can spice up your wedding by making it DIY, varieties like veggies, meats, grains, and sauces could be arraigned on the table. Your guest will have fun making their choice.

Food Trucks

A food truck is not an entirely new trend, but it still feels new as couples still love food trucks in 2019. If you choose fast food style as the main course, you can always turn to trucks. There’s always a  food truck that suits every meal on your menu, so however your menu looks like, there’s a food truck for it.

Late Night Snacks

Most weddings provide late night snacks for their guest, what do you plan on serving? Serving pizza and burgers will be boring, why don’t you take things to the next level, give them whatever they would have ordered on a regular night out, from dinner classics to Korean street food and Chinese takeout.

You want a menu that is exciting? We can help 🙂



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